Global Cultural Foresight

Analyzing Trends Lecture Series

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An Introduction to Trend Analysis

Grounding the study of trends in consumer anthropology. Innovation requires a fast and empathetic approach to research to see and act on the nuances that empower better and sustainable futures.  Read more

The Culture of Trends

Critical to understanding how trends work is understanding how culture works.  The foundation of all meaning creation in culture is language We must learn to recognize how these linguistic signals ebb and flow and how that impacts how people are likely to perceive and behave in the world.  Read more

The Stories of Trends

The fact is that great stories are not simply told -  they are received. For a story to resonate it must connect in our minds with other information as a way of contextualizing existing cultural dissonance.   Read more

Analyzing Product Language

Have you ever examined all the many pieces of language in the products you buy?  Some of us hide our temporary ignorance to some of these new linguistic signals as they pop up seemingly out of nowhere.  Phrases like “small batch” or “butter tea”.  Words like “switchel” or “turmeric”.    Read more

The Index of Trends

How can we see the potential of the markets we seek to cultivate?  We need to learn to reveal and analyze the indexes of culture.  These indexes are a measure of how the story is working.  Read more

The Patterns of Trends

We don’t think about it much, but the kitchens, bathrooms, backyards and offices are expressions of how language and behavior shapes cultural meaning.  Read more

Trends & Innovation

Innovation gets caught in stuff over people.  It often misses that its role is to provide vision and to imagine markets that are not completely articulated yet.    Read more

The Future of Fast Fashion

How can we map the potential future innovation platforms for fast fashion?    Read more

The Future of Fast Food

How can we map the potential future innovation platforms for fast food?    Read more