Expert on Culture & Trends

Sample of Press & Interviews


Mapping Abstract Futures (ADIM)

The Epidemiology of Innovation (Springer)

Various Articles (Admap Magazine)

Various Articles (ESOMAR)

A Face in the Crowd (Research Magazine)

Book Chapters & Citations

Multimodal Self-Expression and Conversation: A Linguistic Analysis of Facebook Posts (American Scientific Publishers)

Hidden in Plain Sight: How to Create Your Company's Next Big Growth Strategy: 10 Years Later (Springer)

The Luxury Alchemist (Chapter 5, “The Moment of Truth: Marketing Strategies.”)

Market Segmentation in (In)Action: Marketing and 'Yet to Be Installed' Role of Big and Social Media Data (Historical Social Research)

Consumer Behavior 10th Edition (Chapter 11, “Consumers in Their Social and Cultural Settings.”)

The Fifth Age of Work (Chapter 6, The Power of Workspace Design)

Create! (Chapter 10, Discovering the Cultural Code)

Quiet, The Power of Introverts (Acknowledgments)

Shortcut (Acknowledgments)

Sample Past Speaking Engagements

Knowledge of Design Week 2018, Design for Liveability Hong Kong

Gigabit City Summit Kansas City

Semiofest 2017 Toronto

HCI International 2016 Toronto

The New Story vs. The News Story (Parsons School of Design Weiss Lecture Series)

Semiofest 2015 Paris

Knowledge of Design Week 2015  Hong Kong

SXSW 2012 Austin

Packaging the Sells Chicago