Tim Stock

culture mapping and forecasting

Tim Stock is an expert on cultural foresight and culture mapping

An Introduction to Culture Mapping

Patent Granted: System & Method of Culture Mapping

Systems and methods for culture mapping and intelligence include software tools to collect, analyze, and categorize data based on behavior archetypes to produce information visualizations from the data. In one embodiment, a user query relative to a topic of interest may include a word, a combination of words, or a set of words for a particular field, such as a byline or hashtag of an online or networked community. One or more data sources, which may include social media and other websites are selected by the user or the system and a list of accounts ordered by one or more selected criteria, such as frequency of occurrence of the query words, for example, is produced. One or more weighting factors may then be associated with each account. A matrix is generated with accounts positioned to illustrate the account relative to behavior attributes along selected continuums.

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